Meeting Minutes

JULY 6, 2010

Pres. DiLibero called the meeting to order at 7:04PM.

Vice Pres. Soares lead the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary's Report
Chris Britt read the Secretary’s report. Jack Briggs made a motion to accept; Gary Berube seconded.

Treasurer's Report
Jerome Jussaume read the Treasurer’s report. Gary Berube made a motion to accept; Jack Briggs seconded.

Committee Report
There were no reports from Audit, Board of Advisors, BMP, Forestry, Land and Pond, Membership, Newsletter, Pistol, WCL, Website, and Work Hours.

Vice Pres. Soares reported on some literature regarding rules on transportation of firearms. He left the literature on the desk.

Jack Briggs reported that the range is open. Some work has been done in the form of trimming and removing a fallen tree at the last butt. A shoot is scheduled for this Thursday at 6:30PM. All are welcome. When cooler weather arrives, a work party will be held to clean out the target shed. Anyone needing work hours can contact him for a project.

Gary Berube reported that the pond is open for catching unlimited fish until further notice. If anything changes he will let us know. He thanked Rick for building a new sign over on the tree.

Brian Stevens reported that a porketta would be held on September 11th.

Dario DePasquale reported that the Trap Range is opened on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings. If you have any questions please call Dario at (413)237-9334. The cost is $3.00 per round. The range is open to the public.

Pres. DiLibero reported for John Esposito. The Enfield Shoot was held on July 5th. Fifteen shooters attended: Steve (Squid) Gramaldi, Correy Craven, Andy Leonezik, Ken Zereski, Mike Moloney, Matt Moloney, Ray Moloney, John Esposito, Brian Kelley, Rick Tetreault, Jason Ratcliffe, Tim Kimball, Jay Leblanc, Matt Pires, and Mike DiLibero. Other members who helped out were Ray Moloney, Sr. and Bob Miller. Thanks to Wil Huber and Ron Choquette who served up some moose sausage with peppers and onions on a torpedo roll with fries.

Ground and Maintenance
Ken Marcotte reported that they had a work party and did some trimming.

Pres. DiLibero reported that a chicken barbeque would be held on July 24th at 1:00PM, the tickets are $9.00.

Club House
Steve Bedard reported that he always needs help around the Club House. If you need hours or would like to help out, please contact him.

Mark Kuras gave an overview of the Club’s History that he has uncovered. He’s working on reviewing the slides and putting them in order.

Old Business
Ken Marcotte reported on the shed next to the pavilion. He quoted some prices that he had gotten on dumpsters.

New Business
Pres. DiLibero made a motion due to the hot weather during the months of July and August, that no meetings should be held and this would need to be a rule change. Jack Briggs seconded. Club discussion. Jack Briggs made a motion that this will be turned over to the Board of Advisors for discussion along with how a special meeting will be called if needed. Jerome Jussaume seconded. Unanimous.

Jack Briggs made a motion to adjourn at 8:03pm; Gary Berube seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Britt, Secretary