20+ Targets
3D Archery
4 Courses
Fun for all ages and skill levels
Traditional and open classes

Upcoming Events

3D Archery Schedule

Pete Johnson (Archery Chairman) 617-799-3089
Glenn Stacey (Archery Co-Chairman) 508-397-4504
John Castonguay (Archery Co-Chairman) 508-320-4359

Archery Chairperson: Pete Johnson

Archery Range Rules

  • 1. Absolutely No Drugs or Alcoholic Beverages prior or during use of this range.
  • 2. No Broadheads allowed on range.
  • 3. Please leave Shooter or Spectator in front of target while looking for lost arrows.
  • 4. No backtracking on course.
  • 5. Anyone caught violating these rules are subject to having range privileges revoked.

Both fixed and 3-D targets can be provided on our archery ranges. The club has hosted events for both traditional and modern bow hunters.

PLEASE NOTE: Rifle and Pistol Ranges will be CLOSED until after the shoots are finished.