Chairman: Ed Gervais

Fishing Rules

  1. 1. Fishing on Lee Reservoir is for members only
  2. 2. Membership button must be displayed while fishing
  3. 3. Like Ma. Law…. 2 rods allowed except during derbies. During derbies 1 rod per person
  4. 4. Children must attend their rods at all times
  5. 5. Live bait is allowed
  7. 7. Catch and release is allowed with flies and lures only. Fish caught with Power Bait, worms, or live bait may not be released
  8. 8. All kept trout must be logged in at one of the tree log in books
  9. 9. Canoes and kayaks are allowed year round except during derbies
  10. Massachusetts law is the rule. Life jackets must be worn from September 15 to May 15. During the warm months no life jackets are required but you must have one for each person in the boat Absolutely no motors of any kind are allowed
  11. 10. Ice fishing 2 tilts or 1 tilt and one jig per person
  12. 11. During a derby there is no culling allowed. You are allowed 2 fish per derby
  13. 12. Trapping of any type of baitfish from Lee Reservoir and the inlet is prohibited.
  14. 13. Treble hooks on lures are fine, but please don’t use them with PowerBait or Salmon eggs or any natural bait.