Monthly Pistol Shoots

20+ Targets
3D Archery
4 Courses
Fun shoots for all ages and skill levels
Traditional and open classes

Pistol Chair: Russ Hinchliffe



Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month At 6:00 PM Starting April 13th

WEAPONS: Hand guns only, iron (open sights) no red dot, laser or compensators. Semi-auto and revolvers, acceptable calibers-9mm, 38, 40, 45, 357. If we have enough 22s we will have a separate shoot for them.

CHALLENGE: There will be 5 rounds of play. Shooters will be paired against one another, shooting at two stations at a time with 6 clays each. The goal is to be the 1st to break all 6 clays. Winners of the 1st round will be paired with other winners. Losers of the 1st will be paired with other losers to make up the next round and so on for all 5 rounds.

PRICE: $5.00 For members $6.00 for non-members for all 5 rounds.

SAFETY: As with all events , eye and ear protection is mandatory at all times on the range. The range safety officer calling the match will inspect the line prior to allowing anyone downrange to reset clays. All actions must be locked open and all magazines out of the guns. Once the line is called cold, no one may touch any firearm under any circumstance.

ALWAYS PRACTICE PROPER MUZZLE CONTROL: Pay special attention to muzzle position during magazine changes. Muzzle must remain pointed at the downrange berm. The RO shall call “MUZZLE!” to indicate a violation.

ALWAYS PRACTICE PROPER TRIGGER DISCIPLINE: Fingers must remain off the trigger and outside the trigger-guard during initial loading and making-ready of the gun, during the start-position, and during re-loads. The RO shall call “TRIGGER!” to indicate a violation.

TRANSPORTATION OF ALL FIREARMS: A cold-range. All firearms will be unloaded with the firearm either secured within an enclosed case/bag. The firearm will not be loaded until the shooter is on the line and the command to load is given. Magazines may be handled/loaded behind the firing-line.

STARTING POSITION: Once the range is called hot, shooters may load rounds into chambers, safeties off, and cocked hammers. FINGERS MUST BE OUTSIDE OF THE TRIGGER-GUARDS AND OFF OF TRIGGERS. Shooters will start with pistol in hand from the low ready position.

For more information please contact Russ Hinchliffe